Spot On

This is where I went for a holiday. Wait, let me rephrase that. This is where the family chose to vacation at.

There was the sea, the sand and the sun. Too much of all of it. Not the best place to be if you dislike the water. And the sand. Yes, the sun too. 

Far too many people too. Again, not the best thing if solitude and quiet is all you really want. 

Still, here’s what made the trip worthwhile.

A quiet dinner out with my guy.

An unhurried cup of tea in the morning without the pressures of responsibility waiting to gleefully squeeze the life out of my day.

And a bookstore I had discovered on the internet, and had vowed to find in Goa, when I visited. This is the place; an old Portuguese house with an abundant garden surrounding it, and carefully selected books up for grabs inside it. I even bought two books for remembrance sake.


I’m back home now, and somehow, the trip to the seaside only confirmed what I had known all along.

That this, my warm li’l corner in the study, will always remain my spot of choice, holiday or otherwise. If I want the sun sometime, I’ll open the blinds. If I want the blue sea, I’ll change my current Transformers wallpaper on my computer to one displaying some random sea, with some random beach. If I want to see the hills, yeah, they have those too.

But maybe, the best the thing about the study is that it’s my space, and I fit perfectly into it. That, and the essential fact that it comes with a door.

7 thoughts on “Spot On

  1. I love the last two pictures BEST OF ALL coz I know exactly what you feel like–it's such a happy corner…and those books…slurp..they make me sooo greedy :)And of course, love the last line about the door–the real, real clincher! 😉 Good to see you back Priya di–was wondering what happened 🙂

  2. @shar…thanks girl!! :)@leena…ps, if you like manneys, you'll love literati. it's small, but homely, with a nice collection and some nice people there too. :)and i love the last two pics too! 😀

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