Memories are Made of These

During my growing-up years, vacations had meant, visiting my grandparents. Come summer or Christmas, we’d pack our bags and head south to where the rest of the family lived. I had quite looked forward to these holidays. I’d get to meet my cousins, be pampered by my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and give in to some serious gluttony.

My notion of a vacation changed after I was married. The husband was quite the wanderer before we met, backpacking alone or with friends, to wherever his fancy led. He showed me just how exciting it was to travel to new places, garner fresh experiences and taste dishes with strange, exotic names. Now, he’s got me for company, because wanderlust, I’ve discovered, is contagious, and far too enriching for the soul, to ignore.

This summer, we decided to head to the mountains…

Darjeeling in the winter is beautiful, I’ve heard. Darjeeling in the summer is colourful, I’ve seen! The wildflowers that dot the Himalayan mountainside and sway merrily in the breeze inspire the same kind of awe that Wordsworth must have felt when he gazed upon the sea of golden daffodils. There are shapes that captivate, colours that bring joy and faint fragrances that hold you spellbound.

Even better, was the fact that we stayed at a tea estate. Given that I’m a tea junkie, nothing could have been more perfect.

Although every earlier destination has been a wonderful experience, our time at the Glenburn Tea Estate was something truly special.Which is why I’m inclined to document it here, should you ever want to visit the place and experience it for yourself.
Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Memories are Made of These

  1. Wanderlust is indeed very contagious. The sooner you catch it the more exciting life becomes, I've learnt with experience… :)I'm gonna be closely watching this space for more updates… Keep posting! 😀

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