I wandered lonely as a cloud…
(Okay, I’m rolling my feline eyes and taking that back.)

Actually, chased, not wandered. Fleeing from crows, so certainly not lonely. (But high-five for inclusion of poetry.)

Where am I now? Some grey and brick-red apartment complex. Can’t say much for its design although it does have a lot of trees I could climb and a zillion bushes I could hide in. Hmm.


I know people can scare off crows, so it might help to befriend some gullible human. There! That one sitting on the grass looks like a patsy.

Target acquired.

She hasn’t tried to shoo me. Or pet me, even after I’ve rubbed against her and walked around her, like a zillion times. Good, good…



The eagle has landed.


I know she thinks I’m cute. She’s probably singing ‘soft kitty, warm kitty’ in her head right now. Noooo! In your head, human, sing it in your head!

Deep in conversation with the human, although I regret to say she’s not much of a conversationalist. ‘Awww’ and ‘So cute’ seriously fail to impress. She did stroke me gently – untangling the knots after the dratted crow chase, and for that I am willing to say, ‘Good job!’ Or better still, “Keep going.”


I see the human again, this morning. I fancy her shoes. I think I’ll go sit on them.



Doesn’t she know I’m cold and want to be picked up? Hmph. Everything’s do-it-yourself these days.




I can see I’ll have to teach the human to bring me some cream, fish fry and other munchies. And to give me my throne when I so demand.

Oh, the tediousness of taming a pet!

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