On Top of the World at Ladakh

When I’d told my friends I was going to Ladakh on holiday, they’d responded with euphoric wows and oohs that were tinged with a tiny hint of envy. I didn’t see what the fuss was all about until I stepped out of the plane at Leh, and into the dramatic surroundings of this breathtaking cold desert. Before me opened a whole new world at 12,000 ft.

With spectacular brown and white rugged landscapes that stretch out far as the eye can see, Ladakh presents nature at its raw, untamed best. The mountains are jagged and unforgiving, the sweeping winds are dry and frigid, the sun is harsh and intense, but the silence is deep, almost meditative, and the beauty is wild and unforgettable.

Words and photographs will never be enough to describe the sheer magic of this land, or the feeling of awe that overwhelms, as you stand amidst the indomitable Himalayan framework. But until you go there and experience Ladakh first-hand, here are some of the sights as seen through my lens.

leh 1 leh 2 leh 3 leh 4 leh 5 leh 6 leh 7 leh 8 leh 9 leh 10 leh 11leh 12

So, travel to the mountains, and you will never regret it. Unless of course, you fall off a cliff.

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