Kolkata – Street Photography

My visits to Kolkata usually involve overindulgence in food. Whether it’s at home, or the homes of the many, many relatives who shower us with love – through food, or out on the streets…It’s mostly about food. All the time, and everywhere. (No complaints, though!)

This time, I ventured out into the streets and bylanes of Kolkata on foot – and rickshaw – for a closer look at the city, and got an insight into its beating heart. And it was just as satisfying as wiping a plate of pulao with kosha maangsho clean.

Every aspect of Kolkata seems resilient…its streets, its people, its spirit.

kolkata15 kolkata13 kolkata12The streets are bustling, right from daybreak, and the decoration is mostly political.

kolkata06 kolkata01 kolkata16Kolkata is vibrant and colourful, in every aspect of daily life.

kolkata07 kolkata10 kolkata14You’ll find multiple vendors selling tea on almost every street corner. There’s always time to stop for cha and a smoke.

kolkata04 kolkata03Life moves leisurely here. If you’re used to the pace of the other metros, you might find it a bit of a drag – or a pleasant change. But that depends entirely on you.

kolkata09 kolkata08I just found this store interestingly named after my birthplace.

kolkata17My extended family insists that Kolkata is best seen and understood during Durga Puja. It’s unfortunate that I’ve never been witness to the fervor that sweeps the city during this much-awaited festival, and the immense crowds that throng the pandals. But in the brief time I was here in April, I could find the undeniable presence of the Goddess in every corner of the city, in the blessings uttered by every believer, and in the steadfast faith of the common man as he slept carefree, under her shadow.

kolkata11 kolkata21

6 thoughts on “Kolkata – Street Photography

  1. So beautiful Malik! Look fwd to all your posts..this one esp is brilliant. the pictures simply breathe the kolkatta feel!

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