The spring collection

If you live where I do, you could miss spring in the blink of an eye. One day you’re huddled under your blanket, and the next, you’re craving an iced drink on the beach – or running for cover from an unexpected downpour. And somewhere in this confusion, an entire season gets lost.


But sometimes, you discover a rare, beautiful spring morning – like I did back in 2015 – when nature announces its renewal with fresh green foliage and an abundance of colour. And you open your eyes to the miracle of this fleeting season.lantana-priya-mallic-photographyLast week, a friend and I walked around our apartment complex armed with our cameras, hoping to capture some of this magic (and, I’ll admit, content for Instagram.) We were met by a gentle drizzle, an indecisive sun, two playful kittens and some amazing flora.
springtime-flowers-priya-mallic-photographyHere’s a peek into springtime in this little corner of the world.cactus-priya-mallic-photographyflower-lily-priya-mallic-photographybouginvilla-flower-photography-priya-mallicwhite-flower-priya-mallic-photographyleaf-bokeh-priya-mallic-photographySo breathe in the enchanting fragrance of spring, and carry it in your heart through the coming dog days of summer.



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