“The world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

During my growing up years, vacations had meant visiting my grandparents. Come summer or Christmas, we’d pack our bags and head south to where the rest of the family lived. I had quite looked forward to these holidays, where I’d get to meet my cousins, be pampered by my grandparents, uncles and aunts, and indulge in some serious gluttony.

My notion of a vacation changed after I was married. The husband was quite the wanderer before we met, backpacking alone or with friends to wherever his fancy led. He showed me just how exciting it was to travel to new places, garner fresh experiences and taste dishes with strange, exotic names. Now, he’s got me for company, because wanderlust, I’ve discovered, is contagious, and far too enriching for the soul, to ignore.


Happy travels!

4 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi Chellsie,
    I am putting together a banner for my organisation, Wetlands International, on water security. I’ve been looking for E. Kolkata wetlands photos that show the city as a backdrop and the value of the wetlands for people/biodiversity and came across your post. I particularly like the last photo. I wanted to request permission to use it or similar if it is your photo? I would require the original high quality image for print. We are non-profit, so I don’t have funds to purchase it, but if you are willing to donate the use for this purpose, it would be for a good cause and be seen by many people! I am on a tight deadline of 22 January, so if you get this in time I hope to hear from you.

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